Upcoming changes in Legends Arena

Written by Astinox on 16.11.2017 at 19:00

The last few weeks have been and a bumpy road for the Legends Arena. We are looking forward to have some amazing weeks in the future! This is why we are announcing a few changes today.

Removal of Pro League
The last 2 weeks of the Pro League have been a huge issue for us. Due to the amount of tournaments in the competitive environment, it is really hard for us to find a timeslot which will be available for everyone. Monday and Wednesday are PUBGO Showdown, Tuesday and Thursday are PUBGO Contenders, Friday is the free day for most of the teams, while Saturday is taken by GLL/Curse and Auzom at Sunday. With those dates in mind it was clear for us that we could not run another season of Pro League with our current staff and amount of hours we have. In the future we will focus on our community tournament series as well as our national leagues.

The first solo tournament arises!
BUT! Wait. There are also good news about the removal of Pro League. We will be adding our first solo tournament series! From next week on we will have solo tournaments each Saturday, 18:00 CET! In cooperation with LIONCAST we will have the first tournament sponsored by them. Each upcoming tournament is currently without prizes, but we are looking forward on providing some for them. The solo tournaments will have a total of 95 participants!
If you want to know more about the new LIONCAST LK200 RGB, check out their Twitter account or website!
Kill points changes
We have reviewed our latest tournaments and saw, that there is still a lot of camping around the zone and in compounds. This is the reason why we are still looking forward on increasing the points per kill. From today on, any kill will give you 3 points instead of two. Those kill point changes also count for all of our National Championships.

Squad size changes
For the previous tournaments we always had the issue that we did not have enough slots available for everyone. This is the reason why we will be adjusting the amount of slots for Squad tournaments. From today on, each tournament will have 24 slots instead of twenty.

Cheating accusations
In the past we had multiple issues dealing with cheating accusations on Discord. This is why we will fight against witch hunting now even harder. We understand that the game in it's current state is open to a lot of cheaters, but we have nearly no options for checking this and being 100% sure. Who followed the PUBG scene saw, that Battleye managed to ban over 100k cheaters the last weekend. This is why we are trusting in what PUBG offers us. However, you are still able to report players. To report a player please DM one of the admins available and send him some kind of proof (VOD). In case a specific scene looks suspicious the named player has to record his or her gameplay for the players to check.

Today we are also introducing new punishments for witch hunters / cheaters:

  • Cheating - Banned for 2 years
  • Failed to provide a gameplay recording after asked to do so by admin - Banned for 2 weeks
  • Publicly calling someone a hacker/cheater (1st time) - Removal of messages, warning
  • Publicly calling someone a hacker/cheater (2nd time) - Banned for 2 weeks
  • Publicly calling someone a hacker/cheater (3rd time) - Banned for 2 years
  • Failing to provide a proof but contacting admin regarding cheating (1st time) - Warning
  • Failing to provide a proof but contacting admin regarding cheating (2nd time) - No further support

German National Championship
The qualifiers are here! We have added them to the tournaments list and will soon be releasing a complete overview page for the next season of the German National Championship. Qualifier dates are: Wednesday, 22th November 17:00 CET and Friday, 24th November 19:00 CET. Additional informations regarding the German National Championship will be released soon.

wrote at 16.11.2017 19:32 CET

each tournament will have 24 slots instead of twenty. is stupid !

wrote at 17.11.2017 02:45 CET

Woa a game with 24 teams? PUBGOnline Open Series style? It's not competitive at all with so many teams.

wrote at 20.11.2017 17:33 CET

Ich hoffe dass die German Championship nicht mit 24 Teams ausgespielt wird :o

wrote at 27.11.2017 21:09 CET

German raised in US, happy to be a part of the series.

wrote at 15.12.2017 01:47 CET

Really excited for the upcoming solos League.
Hoping to compete in all of the tournaments.

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