Christmas break and upcoming changes

Written by Astinox on 12.12.2017 at 21:00

Hey Legends!

2017 has been an amazing and bumpy road for us. But it is almost time to end this amazing year and look forward to 2018. The team behind Legends Arena works hard on a weekly basis to provide you with some of the best tournaments in the PUBG scene. We have specialized on providing weekly tournaments for the grassroots scene, and we try to deliver and uphold our standards every week.

We're proud to say that we have an extraordinary team working with us on a daily basis. But we should not forget that we do also have a huge amount of users helping to form this community. People do help each other, players support each other. And this is amazing to see!

After more than 100 total events we are ready to go into christmas break. The christmas break will last from 15th December 2017 to 2nd January 2018. All tournaments will be back on a normal schedule after that break.

There are also upcoming changes regarding the custom game settings once we enter into new year:

  • Revive decreasing rate will be set back to standard
  • Weapons (AR) drop rate will be increased to 1.5x
  • Weapons (SMGs) drop rate is set back to standard
  • Attachments (Scopes) drop rate is set back to standard
  • Ammunition is increased to 1.2x

We hope that with those changes and the increasing amount of teams and players you are still able to gain enough advantage for the endgame to be properly equipped.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and hope that we see most of you back after new years eve for some great upcoming PUBG tournaments!

wrote at 13.12.2017 13:14 CET

#MC to you Guys :)
And Thx for your efforts. #Carflippers

wrote at 13.12.2017 19:03 CET

17.12 - GCS still last game right?

wrote at 13.12.2017 23:59 CET

thx for your job !!!

i hope a great year 2018 for legends arena,

wrote at 14.12.2017 09:31 CET

Merci pour tout !!!

Je vous souhaite une bonne fin d'année et à très vite pour de nouveaux tournois!

wrote at 14.12.2017 23:49 CET

Thank you! Awesome league!!!

wrote at 15.12.2017 15:46 CET

Thanks For this nice League
wrote at 18.12.2017 14:08 CET

espero que este natal o anti cheter do pugb trabalhe porque o jogo ta ficando insuportavel de jogar e so hackers desfarsados

wrote at 26.12.2017 22:14 CET

Good Job boyss

wrote at 10.01.2018 13:29 CET

hope for more duotournaments ;)

wrote at 14.01.2018 14:01 CET

awesome league, you should make more tournaments its very hard to join they are allways full.
but keep up the good job

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