Legends Arena is coming to an end

Written by Astinox on 25.10.2018 at 03:00

Dear players and visitors,

more than one and a half years have passed since the launch of Legends Arena. In May 2017 our application as one of the first tournament organizers in the PUBG scene has been confirmed and we were able to set things up.

In August 2017 we started running the first - and most amazing - tournaments. A huge chunk of preperation has come into it, and we were working extremely hard to get you guys the tournaments you wanted.
However, I am extremely sad to tell you that this time is now ending. We will close Legends Arena by 1st November 2018. We will have a final tournament running on that Thursday!

I want to take the time to mark all of our achievements in that time and how we managed to be an amazing pillar for grassroots community work in the PUBG world. To name only a few:

  • For the longest time, we had up to 4 community tournaments each week
  • We were one of the first platforms to have a professional league setup for players, right after Auzom and PUBGO
  • We started to grow the german PUBG scene with it's own national championship, running 2 total seasons

These are just a few of our accomplishments in those 1 1/2 years. And everyone at Legends Arena can be proud of it. I also want to share some statistics with you we managed to gather while running this platform:

  • An amazing content management platform, which is capable of running its own tournaments
  • OVER 300 (!) PUBG TOURNAMENTS. This means 1 tournament each 1 1/2 days!
  • 26.700 users on the platform
  • Over half a million (!) (520.000) unique visitors in that time

However, times change. When GLL announced their multi-million funding, events like the Invitational popped up and bigger organizers got into the game, we simply had to decide where we go.
We choose to head on with the community and grass roots tournament provider, as this was our only choice at that point. After the release of the custom lobbies for everyone, even that grassroots advantage was taken away.
Streamers started to get their own tournaments running and literally everyone was able to host tournaments. This was one of the best decisions of PUBG, however, at the end it kills projects like these. Although, the development of its player-base has been shocking. Almost 2/3 of the original player base at the start of the year are gone.

With no way to monetize other than getting a few sponsors on board (to pay server costs, non-delivered prizes, some gadgets for our staff), it is hard to run such a platform.

Our team has always worked unsalaried for this project. Everyone devoted his or her time to manage your tournaments, setup the servers, get the social posts out and try to please the community. And the team changes, ALOT. People change projects, occupations or interests.

At the end, this is the reason why we decided to close Legends Arena. We are simply missing the time to manage a great staff to help you with any question, get you quality streams and provide you with prizes. A lot of us are bound to other projects (or situations in life). As from now on we can not deliver the proper quality you deserve, we are shutting own.

Nontheless, we hope that the time you experienced in Legends Arena was a great one. At the end I'd like to issue a personal thanks to all of our staff, especially to those who have supported us for a longer time. Everyone of the casters, streamers, moderators, administrators and people all around Legends Arena deserve a huge chunk of respect.

  • Beef: Everyone of you knows who he is, what he did, and what he was. Beef was available almost since the start of Legends Arena and helped running this platform for an extremely long time. He was extremely reliable and always available if required. An amazing guy.
  • Diamondandy: The drunk UK admin. Damn, he knew how to throw those fun tournaments. Also an amazing person, and always available for a good joke, while being extremely responsible and available for tournaments.
  • AngeloMerte: He joined LA a bit later, however, that doesn't change anything on how he does his job. Passionate gamer. He also works for one of the biggest LANs in Germany, GSH! So in case you want to say hi to him: Chances are coming up!
  • Killermiez: Responsible for anything related to social media. Answering your questions, queueing up those graphics and putting content out there. Doesn't matter where she was or what she had to do, reliable work was one of her qualities.
  • notspencer: While traveling the world, he always tried to support Legends Arena when he could. A person, extremely open to all kind of adventures, with an amazing voice! Couldn't be a better combination.

This is the list of the people involved at the last stages of Legends Arena. Over time, we had a total of 18 (!) team members - helping you out, or creating amazing shoutcast content.
A personal thanks to everyone in the staff but also in the community, for creating amazing one and a half years to enjoy PUBG content and grassroots competition.

Information: In case you are interested in running Legends Arena from here on, please email us at info@legendsarena.net to negotiate a potential deal. In case you are missing any prizes from the previous tournaments, also email info@legendsarena.net. We will assist you with any open questions there.

wrote at 26.10.2018 21:11 CET

it was our first tournament with my irl friend on PUBG and we play for the last tournament of legends arena.

We are sad but we will never forget you !!

good luck guys.

Team 56K

wrote at 11.12.2018 02:13 CET

Thanks a lot for the tournies and farewell !
Was a fun time !


wrote at 08.01.2019 20:49 CET

This is sad:(
Thanks for the fun:)

Team UnicornSquad

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