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What is the Legends Arena?

The Legends Arena is your platform to participate in weekly Playerunknown's Battlegrounds tournaments in Europe. We do host mainly duo tournaments, but from time to time also solo and squad games.

Do I need an account to participate?

Yes! We require you to register an account. We have to identify you and your account.

I did not get an activation mail!

If you have trouble activating your account, please let us know on Discord.

Am I allowed to stream the matches?

Yes! Feel free to stream any matches related to our tournaments. Please make sure that you set your stream-delay to atleast 3 minutes, to prevent people from ghosting. If you want to support us further, you might want to include #LegendsArena in your stream title.

How do I receive my prizes?

After you have won a tournament, make sure your address settings are set at your settings page. 7 days after the tournament has finished, the data will be used in contact with sponsors, so please make sure to have edited them by then. Your address, zipcode and city are not public and only used for shipping. Prizes can take up to 90 days to be shipped.

Where do you ship the prizes?
All prizes are limited to be shipped to a few countries of the EU. Currently there is no way of shipping outside of the EU. In case you win a tournament and you are located outside of the US, please choose a shipping adress in EU. Following countries are eligible to receive prizes:

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Germany


How can I change my private data?

On the right upper corner of the navigation you find your name including your avatr. Click on it, and a dropdown will appear. There you can find the settings dialog.

What is a gameaccount?

A gameaccount is a uniquely identified account you have to share with us to register for a tournament. In our case you need to provide your PUBG Username.

How do I register a gameaccount?

Check out our help article on how to add a gameaccount


How will I receive the custom game password?

You will receive the custom game password via message on this platform. Just be here once you checked in and refresh the page at tournament starting time!

How can I register for a tournament?

A green button on the left hand side at tournament page indicates that the registration is open. If there is a message saying that the registration is currently closed, come back later.

What is the check-in used for?

The check-in enables us to see if everyone of the registered participants is available for the tournaments. This is why we require everyone to confirm their participation.

How do I check-in?

The check-in is really easy! Once you have registered for the tournament and the check-in time is reached, there will be a button on the left hand side of this page (tournament page). It is located right above the "leave tournament" button. Simply click on it and confirm your participation.

I am on the waiting list!

If you are on the waiting list, the check-in opens 30 minutes later for you. The waiting list is supposed to be an additional set of teams, in case any of the registered teams are not participating. If the tournament is not full yet and 30 minutes have passed, you will be able to check-in.

What happens if I crash?

Sadly we are not able to restore games or restart games once a participant has crashed. Make sure you are able to play the game on a stable PC.

Do you play first or third person?

Our duo tournament series is currently played in 3rd person. However, this might be a subject to change, based on community feedback. Make sure to check out the tournament pages, they have all information included.

How many matches do you play per tournament?

This does change on a tournament-to-tournament basis. Make sure to check out each tournament page, we will have all information included there.


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