Pro League Qualifier #2

Starts at
Mon, 25.09.2017 19:00 CEST
Mon, 09-25-2017 12:00pm CST
Check-In at
Mon, 25.09.2017 18:00 CEST
Mon, 09-25-2017 11:00am CST
Registration open
Thu, 21.09.2017 16:00 CEST
Thu, 09-21-2017 09:00am CST
Max. participants
4 players per team
Free For All (PUBG)
Welcome to the Legends Arena Pro League Qualifier #2!

The Pro League is the highest competitive division of the Legends Arena. The first and 2nd place will qualify for the Legends Arena Pro League Season #1.

You are only allowed to register for one qualifier. Registering for multiple qualifiers will get you removed.

Our tournaments are not bound to any rank requirements. You can participate with any rank/score. If you have questions or need any help, feel free to join us on Discord!

Game Settings
Setting Value
Amount of games Best of 3
View 1st person
Maps Erangel
Revive decreasing rate 10% faster
Red Zone
Weapons (Assault Rifles and SMGs) 10% more
Attachments (Scope Attachments) 10% more
Prizes:  1st and 2nd place will qualify for Legends Arena Pro League

1. General

1.1 Rules - Every participants confirm with his registration, that he and his team have read the rules and accept them.

1.2 Changes - Changes to the rules can happen anytime and without proper announcement. All teams are responsible to keep up to date with the rules. Bigger changes, including, but not limited to, rewards and other game deciding parts will be announced.

1.3 Referees - Referees do have the last word. For the purpose of fairplay, any referee is allowed to decide against the rules and take proper actions.

1.4 Prizes - Prizes will be given/paid out within 14 days after the tournament has ended. The prizes can not be transfered. The participant has to provide a valid address and his or her full name to receive the prizes. Prizes for multiple people will be sent to the responsible team captain or owner.

1.5 Behavior - Please be sure to respect everyone and treat each person the same way you want to be treated. Do not insult any participant via Discord, steam profile or other communication channels. A violation of this rule might lead to a suspension of the tournaments.

2. Participation

2.1 Requirements - To participate in the Legends Arena, the participants need a legal copy of the game PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS plus a unique username to identify him or her. The participant must be atleast 18 years old. 

2.2 Authentication - Each user needs to provide a unique PUBG username

2.3 Check-in - 60 minutes (1 hour) prior to the event, the check-in is starting. Each team has to confirm their participation for each tournament. The check-in closes 5 minutes prior to the start of the event. Teams who forgot to check-in or register after the deadline are not able to participate.

2.4 Teamsize - You are only allowed to participate if your full team is available in the lobby within the first 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the administration will search for replacements to be able to provide the best gaming experience for everyone. Duo: 2 players, Squad: 4 players.

2.5 Switching teams - Players are not allowed to switch teams between a best-of-series. Players are required to stay in the same team they registered with. It is not allowed to split the team in lobby to gain more default points. Players will be directly disqualified and all matches not played with their official registered lineup will not be counted towards the final ranking.

3. Format

3.1 Number of participants - The number of participants is dependent on the mode played. Unless otherwise stated, the number of participants are:

  • Solo: 95 participants
  • Duo: 48 participants
  • Squad (4 players): 20 participants

3.2 Format - The tournament is played out in Free For All. There is one ranking at the end of each game.

3.3 Amount of matches - Unless otherwise stated, a tournament includes one (1) game.

3.4 Start of the match - After the tournament has started, the responsible referee is setting up the ingame lobby. Each participant has fifteen (15) minutes time to arrive in the lobby. 15 minutes after tournament start, the match will be started. If a participant has not joined the lobby within that timeframe, he is disqualified.

3.5 Player changes - Player changes are not allowed while playing an active tournament. If a team decides to change a player in an active season, the points of the team will be removed completely from season based rankings.

3.6 Game participation - Once checked-in, players are required to play all games until the end. Leaving early can result in punishment.

4. Gamesettings

4.1 Custom Game name - The Custom Game name will be named after the tournament name shown on the website

4.2 Custom Game password - The password to join the tournament will be provided to everyone via message on the website. To receive the message you have to refresh the website once the tournament has started.

4.3 View - Unless otherwise stated, games will be played out in 3rd person view. Please check the overview page of the tournament to get tournament-related rules

4.4 Map - Unless otherwise stated, all games will be played out on Erangel

4.5 Ingame settings - Please make sure to check the "overview" tab of each tournament. From time to time, we might change rules depending on the format to gather information for later use.  If no custom ruleset in overview is given, the following rules apply:

  • View: Third person
  • Revive: Enabled
  • Revive time: 10 seconds
  • Revive decreasing rate: Standard
  • Weather: Sunny Weather
  • Playzone Progress: Standard
  • Red Zone: Enabled
  • Red Zone settings: Standard
  • Airdrop frequency: Standard
  • Automotives: Standard
  • Weapons: Standard
  • Attachments: Standard
  • Consumables: Standard
  • Equipment: Standard
  • Ammunitions: Standard
  • Costumes: Standards

4.6 Drops / Crashes - If a player or team crashes, the game will not be restarted. Each player is responsible for providing a stable PC and internet connection while playing the tournament. Exception: If more than 20% of the players drop due to a game related problem within the first 2 minutes of the game, the round will be restarted.

4.7 Third party software - Third party software as Vibrance GUI, Reshade or SweetFX is generally allowed, as long as it changes settings on your own machine. Once third party software is used to manipulate other players or the game itself, it will be counted as cheating. 

4.8 Glitching - Glitching into builduings with purpose is strictly forbidden. Disappearing due to manipulating textures will result in an instant disqualification. 

4.9 Exploits or known game bugs - Game issues and exploits are handeled on a case-by-case basis. Gamebreaking exploits which allow you to win games will not be tolerated in any case.

4.10 Teaming - Teaming up in any mode is strictly forbidden and will result in a disqualification.

4.11 Crouch jumping - Crouch jumping is allowed. However you might not bind the keys to an .ini file to automate this process.

5. Ranking

5.1 General - Ranking is split up in 2 parts. First we have the tournament ranking which is based on your performance in a tournament. On the other we have season based ranking, which sums up all performances from a series of tournaments. This does only apply to duo tournaments at the moment.

5.2 Duration of a season - Unless otherwise stated, a duration of a season is set to 4 tournaments played out. This does only apply to duo tournaments at the moment.

5.3 Points per match (placement) - At the end of each match, the top participants will gain rank points based on their match result. Following points will be awarded to the teams or players based on their game placement:

#SoloDuoSquad (4)
11. - 15.251010
16. - 20.2055
21. - 30.102.5-
31. - 50.50-

5.4 Points per match (kills)
: As an extension to the placement, each kill (whether as a solo player or as a team) will grant the team 1 point.

6. Broadcast

6.1 Casters - All of the matches will be casted by an official caster. Official casters are listed at the streams page, for everyone to view. Each stream will be advertised via social media and website.

6.2 Ineye - Everyone is allowed to stream the game from his or her ineye perspective while playing. Please be sure to use atleast a 3 minute, but no longer than 5 minute delay to prevent people from ghosting or giving information to other teams. Please use the name "Legends Arena" or including the hashtag "#LegendsArena" if you want to support us.

7. Cheating

7.1 Cheating - The use of illegal software to manipulate the game in any way is strictly forbidden. A violation of this rule comes with an infinite ban from all Legends Arena tournaments.

7.2 Game bugs - Using game bugs for a personal advantage is strictly forbidden. If you notice a bug in a running match, please report it to the tournament referee afterwards. 

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